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"Артерийн даралт ихсэлтийн менежмент" онлайн шалгалт
Vacancy Announcement
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Bionet брэндийн зүрхний бичлэгийн аппаратыг компьютертэй холбох заавар
Cardipia-800 зүрхний бичлэгийн аппаратыг компьютертэй холбох заавар
"Артерийн даралт ихсэлтийн менежмент" онлайн шалгалт
MnCardio програмд зөвлөгөө өгөх хуваарь
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Vacancy Announcement


Job Title :Cardiology Focal Person

Project :     MON/005 – Cardiovascular Center, MCH and e-Health Expansion

Duration :until December 2016 (initial contract of one year renewable, subject tosatisfactory performance)

Location : Ulaanbaatar – Shastin Central Hospital


The aim of the assignment is to assist and facilitate the implementation of the project in collaboration with the project team, the Ministry of Health (MOH), and international expert(s).

The overall objective of MON/005 project, funded by the Government of Luxembourg, is to contribute to a better health of the population of Mongolia. The specific objective is to improve the health services in the areas of cardiovascular diseases and maternal and child health in line with the Health Sector Strategic Master Plan, 2006 - 2015. This project is implemented by Lux-Development, the official development agency of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.


The Cardiology Focal Person will be responsible for the implementation of all tasks and activities under the component “Cardiovascular Disease Management”, in close collaboration with the National Project Coordinator and the project team.

More specifically the Cardiology Focal Person will:

·      Coordinate activities between the project, MoH’s relevant departments, and other stakeholders

·      Coordinate the communication with the cardiologists in 21 province and 9 districts hospitals and central level

·      Facilitate and implement active participation of central, province and district level cardiologists in the telemedicine network

·      Provide and coordinate input to the project web site

·      Assist in organizing local and international trainings

·      Organise cardiovascular related conferences

·      Participate in the elaboration of TORs and contracts within his/her subject area

·      Participate in the drafting quarterly and annual work plans and prepare quarterly and annually report related to his/her subject area

Qualifications & Personal Qualities:

·      a university degree in a medical field; further training or experience in the Cardiovascular field is an added advantage

·      well-proven communication and reporting skills

·      ability to organize and prioritize work

·      excellent skills in both written and spoken English

·      experience working in a development project is an added advantage

How to Apply

All interested candidates should submit the following documents:

•     CV and Motivation Letter (in English) ;

•     A copy of all Diplomas and Certificates (Notarized) ;

•     Reference or Recommendation Letters from current and/or previous employer.

before 05:00 PM on Thursday 17th October 2013

to the following address

MON/005 Project - Lux-Development Office

Attn Andrée Turpel – Project Administrator

Shastin Central Hospital (6th floor),

Bayangol District, Ard-Ayush 1

Ulaanbaatar 16081

Request for clarification can be done with a call to 11 687881


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